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Look for our Ride Schedule on our Meetup Site:


Our Meetup Site is more interactive, allowing comments, photos, discussions to be posted. 

You may also contribute to the costs associated of keeping the Meetup site going by clicking on the following link:


2014 is SAMBA's 23rd year in Tucson as a mountain bike club!

 It changes members over the years, but our focus has remained the same:
.... to promote the enjoyment of mountain biking and nature; to protect and enhance mountain biking opportunities; and to support environmentally and socially responsible use of the land.

Your financial support helps promote that objective and helps us all to have a supportive group of people to organize rides and  enjoy mountain biking together.  As a club member, your ideas and energy in promoting activities is always welcome!

You can ride with SAMBA all year for free.  We're not really into raising money. But, your dues do keep SAMBA running as an organization.  We  have expenses such as insurance,  web sites, mountain bike advocacy and support of other like minded organizations.  No one receives any money; all services are provided voluntarily.

Membership form can be taken off the site.  You can also donate using the "Chip In" button on the Meetup Site.

Thanks for your support!